Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting Stuck

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a painting?  I know that oils take long (days) to finish, especially if you are working on large studio pieces.  Do you feel at times that the painting is not coming around the way you expected.. Well, I know it happens to me at times.  I sometimes get so engrossed with my painting and the excitement that I sometimes tend to overwork.  Or at times for some strange reason the painting just doesn't appeal to me.  I get stuck to the extent that I feel I should start fresh all over again.  But the pain of preparing a new panel with gesso helps me gain the courage to get my so called "trash" painting back to life.  And I dread the trash like most other artists.  So what do I do to make things work.........
Here are a few things I resolve to at the dreaded "trash" times..
1.  Once I get bogged down by a painting, I take a break from it.   Step back and look at it with no expectations at all.
2.  I take a few pictures with my digital camera.  This helps me figure out the defects like choice of color, getting focus, depth etc.  I try to get a fresh perspective on my painting.  This does help.  At times you may even start to feel great about your painting.
3.  After having figured out the flaw areas, I try to work on them.
4.  In the worst case if I am just not happy with the painting, I just start a new painting in order to refresh my mind.  And then revisit my old painting in a couple days or so.
5.  Do not give up on any painting.  Try to finish every painting you start.  Cause you never know;  if not you, somebody else may like it.

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