Monday, October 31, 2011

Green Meadows - Painting Process

reference image
Recently I finished a painting titled "Green Meadows".  On a very candid note, this was my second attempt to turn around this painting.  The first time I messed up the foliage and wasn't able to rectify it.  But I was so inspired by the photograph that I had to paint it again. 

The first thing I did was prepared the panel again as if I was starting on a fresh one. So I lay in a glaze of burnt umber + Raw sienna over the entire panel and put it away for a few days.  Then got back to it with a fresh eye.  It was a little hard to overlook or ignore traces of the underlying painting.  I was running the risk of redoing the same mistakes as they were still visible from the transparent glaze.  I kept working on it with a fresh eye, analyzing almost every brush stroke, stepping back every other time, checking it out in a mirror.  Mirror, reverses the image and adds distance thus helping in identifying unwanted distractions in the scene.  I was extremely cautious this time with every single brush stroke.

"Green Meadows" 18 x 24 oil on panel
 Although I was in love with the  reference image, I was not quite happy with the lighting.  If you've noticed all elements (mountains, foliage and water) of the painting/ref image come together (left side) which is    naturally    a       good compositional aspect.  But I still wanted something in the painting that would    stand out and take the viewer directly into the painting.  So, using my artistic license "liberally" I decided to add a little bit of drama in the lighting.  I introduced a streak of warm sunshine on the left of the foliage.  Since the human eye is generally attracted to light objects, this warm sunshine takes the viewer right into the painting.

This lighting effect also uplifted the overall appeal of my composition.
The final painting turned out very successful.  I was able to overcome the flaws I had committed in the first attempt.  Every painting is a new experience.  It feels great that I salvaged this panel from joining the trash.  yay!
"Green Meadows" A speed video of my painting form start to finish

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ocean Rocks II

18 x 24 oil on panel

The month of October has been extremely unproductive/frustrating for me.  Since this is my first year in the Pacific NW, it took me a while to adjust with the gloomy climate.  Starting October, Oregon has been cloudy and rainy.  Since I work in layers, it is imperative that my layers dry (to touch) before I lay another glaze.  And winter has tremendously slowed the drying process.  Hence more is the wait time. This painting has had at least 7-8 glazes of paint.  The inspiration for this one was the Indian Beach which extends a few miles from the Cannon Beach shore line...This painting will be a part of my Cannon Beach series (the Haystack, Cannon Beach, and Ocean Rocks).  For now I plan to take a break with oceanscapes and move on to landscapes for a while.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  Have a nice day!  and yes, do visit again :)

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