Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trying to introduce wildlife!!

Today, after a long time I decided to blog a little bit about my work.  I have been busy in the last few months with painting, having a couple shows and travelling.  I do have a few shows coming up until Feb 2013 so I am loaded with more work... yay!!...
I enjoy the fact of being loaded with more work, the process of preparing for art submissions, shows...It all gets me excited and a bit tensed.  :) .  Well, a tad bit of tension is good I keeps me on my toes.
I have been referring to the Olympic NP.  photos and almost every other picture has a herd of deer in it.  I saw them up close when we visited the park this summer.  They make the landscape even more picturesque.
I made several attempts to include deer in my landscapes but failed terribly....Everytime, I would sketch it in and then in the end make it disappear from the scene.  Somehow after painting, it would not look realistic enough in my landscape.

Firstly sketching the deer takes a lot of effort form my side.. I would practice sketching it on my sketch book and then try to in-corporate it on my hardwood panel...Its one of those times when you realize how important drawing is!!!  It was almost a wake up alarm!!
After all the effort of sketching and getting the deer anatomy right I would make an attempt to draw it on my canvas..this time with less use of eraser..
Somehow the deer would stay till the very end and would then they have to be cleaned off..I felt miserable every time I had to eliminate the deer from my scene.  I was not able to get the colors right..The furry coat is so difficult to paint..

So, unfortunately the deer never made it to the final painting.  I am hopeful I will find the courage to paint wildlife some day.  Its like I am wildlife challenged !!!...I know its a learning process and Ill get there some day.  Need to practice more drawing!!  Here's the finished painting.."Hint of Autumn"

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Happy Painting!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Painting form Photographs

hey folks! I have been away from my blog for quite some time now.  Just couldn't find the time.  August has been a very productive month for me.  I have managed to get 3 paintings done... feels great!

 Way back Home 24x18 oil on panel. (left-photo, right painting)
Way back Home, This was literally my way back home from cannon beach, OR.  And whenever I look at this painting, it does take me to Cannon Beach.  Its such a bliss.  As its very clear, I did make some changes to the composition.  I increased the foreground to add depth to the painting.  Also added more light.  Increased the contrast to make it a sunnier day.  It was in fact a very sunny day (my sketch book notes say that) but I don't have a great camera and neither am I an awesome photographer.  So I majorly rely on my memory & sketch book notes for color.  Often, I edit the color that I see in nature. I was not happy with the greens in the photograph, so I decide to go a little warmer on the greens. I paint what I like to see as opposed to what is there.  Of course, being a "realistic" painter my aim is to keep colors very believable.  That's a part of the challenge.  Also, its very important to step back and let the painting stand all by itself away from the influence of the actual landscape.  Its been a process and I have evolved as an artist over the last 2 yrs.

Here are the other 2 paintings I got done in this month.  
Jewel of Oregon 24x30 oil on panel

Emerald fields 18x24 oil on panel

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Enjoy the rest of your summer and Happy Painting!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pictures from Crater Lake

Here are some glimpses of the heavenly location.  Its just spectacular.  I hope to come up with a few painting from this place.  Will you you updated.

June update

Last month was extremely hectic for me from the Family stand point.  For one I had visitors and second; we were traveling a little bit.  We went to Crater Lake, ah what a beautiful place it is.  It was one hell of a journey for us, specially for my husband who drove us.  But in the end, the sight was so blissful.  We stayed at the Crater Lake Lodge for a couple nights.  I caught glimpses of the sunrise and sunset.  It was just heavenly.  Next we went to Seattle,WA.  This was a short journey.  Stayed there for a couple nights.  Ate good food, enjoyed nice street music.  It was a lovely sunny weekend, so enjoyed awesome views of Mt. Rainier.  Not to mention, shopped till we dropped!..So Seattle was quite eventful as well.  Of course we went to local places like Multnomah Falls, Cannon Beach &several visits to Portland etc.

With all this traveling going around in the month of June I somehow managed to churn out 2 paintings.
Sky-kissing Mountains 24x30 oil on panel
Light in the Woods 18x24 oil on panel
"Light in the Woods" was a second attempt.  The first time it turned into a gloomy fall day.  It looked nice but thats not what I intended to paint.  I took this photograph in Mt Rainier National Park early during the day.  The mild light passing through the trees and lighting up log cabin caught my attention and that is the feeling I wanted to capture in this painting.  Hence, althought the gloomy fall look was nice, it wasn't working well for me.  I wanted to relive that particular moment in time..and I did, in my 2nd attempt. Even now when I look at it, it takes me to Mt Rainier and I love it!.  This subject was a little different for me and also challenging.  Nevertheless, I'm glad I pulled through.

All in all, June was very eventful.  A little slow on the painting front though.  I am catching up now.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope you had a good read.  We can keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter... Google+  and.. Pintrest

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Work in Progress-Water's Edge

Day 1
I finished this painting a long time ago, and never found the time to write about it.  I thought of explaining every step in the process since this painting was an exercise to study trees.  The only way to get them right is to keep practicing.  It does get frustrating at times.  And I do admit that, many of my studies in the past have been a disaster.  But this time after several attempts, I felt like I had nailed the trees!.  So here is the process

Day 1
I blocked in the large shapes with basic colors.  If I remember right I have used just the primaries (cool & warm).  The thumb rule of painting:  Start with  large shapes and then move to detail.  I have this obsession with detail, and sometimes that kills my painting.  I get stuck with detail so much; that I forget the larger picture.  But this time, I kept reminding myself, to keep away from detail at this stage.  I always work form very thin paint to thick paint.  So in this step my paint is very thin, almost transparent.  As you can see, the painting looks very flat at this point.
 Day 2
Added some more foliage and volume to the trees.  Developed some depth by laying in the darks. I also underpainted the water. At this stage my paint starts getting thicker.  Again, not much detailing, just the basic shapes
Day 2
Day 3
Here I begin to add detail.  Darkened the darks, developed shadows.   Now, the foliage begins to get new dimensions.  And it finally stops looking flat. yay!

Day 3
Final Day
I continue to add more and more detail. Basically, repeat Day 3.  Introduced some trunks, branches, limbs to the trees.  Darkened my shadows and darks. I finished the water. Until the final step I was just glazing it.  Now I lay in the reflection.  And before I know, its all done! yay!

Water's Edge 16x20 oil on panel
I had a great time studying trees.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Update

The month of May has been quiet busy. Specially with the workshop and my regular painting schedule.  Here are a couple more painting I managed to finish in this month.
Evening Sky 18x24 oil on panel
Evening Sky  I made this painting primarily for the love of the clouds.  The sky was so dramatic that evening, that I had to paint it.  Again, its not a famous location.  This was in fact the parking lot of a mall near our house.  I edited the original photo a little bit and added the foreground from my imagination. 

Water's Edge 20x16 oil on panel

Water's Edge  This painting was in fact a study to learn trees better.  I have said in the past that I'm intimidated by trees.  So this painting was only focusing on trees.  I struggle a bit initially, but then eventually nailed it.  So glad  got the trees right.  I will soon make a speed video of this painting.

As always I enjoyed making these paintings.
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Adding a pinch of Science to my Painting!!

I always thought that painting is all about just color & value.  As a beginner I struggle to see color, shape and value in nature.  The mind is so persuasive that an obvious thing like color becomes indecisive. However my struggle with color,value and shape continues and hopefully I will win this battle some day.
Off late I have been reading a few art books (bibles for me) and as some of you may know I have also been taking "Landscape Painting"classes with renowned artist Craig Srebnik.  In these last few weeks I have learned that apart from these basic components(shape, value, color)  there is a lot of Physics that goes into making a painting look realistic.  When I say Physics,  I am referring to the way light touches/bounces on/off different objects.
Here are  few points I noted.
  • On a bright sunny day, the light is considered cool and not warm since the scattered color in the atmosphere by the sun's rays is primarily blue.  Hence morning light is cool light and NOT warm light!! The light begins to get warmer as we approach sunset.  The landscape may look well lit and warm but the light from the sun is cool light.  A new thing I learned.
  • Again a cool light casts warm shadows.
  • The early morning and late evening light is warm light.  Primarily because the eye sees a lot of the longer wavelengths like reds/yellows/oranges.  A sunset/sunrise may feel or look cooler but the light is very "warm".
  • A warm light casts cooler shadows.  
  • It is the shadows that tell the time of the day in a painting.
Morning Glory(study) 8x10 oil on panel

As an exercise to study light, I did this small study painting "Morning Glory".  My aim in this painting was to emphasize the light .  I wanted the painting itself to spell the time of the day.  This was during Sunrise, and as you can see, the painting looks very calm and cool.  There are no sharp shadow contrasts and the landscape is very pleasing.  However, the light is very warm.  There is a conspicuous presence of warm palette in this painting...Cad Yellow, Cad Red Light, Cad orange, Burnt Sienna, Warmed Gray Purple, Cad Red Deep (shadows).  I did a lot of thinking while painting this one.  Of course I had to pay attention to shape and value, but I also had to remember a little bit of Physics :)
I probably would have painted this it exactly the same way even without knowing about the Physics of light.  However  this time I knew WHY I was leaning toward warm colors even thought the landscape looked so cool.  Every brush stroke had a meaning! Adding a pinch of Science makes painting even more involving.  It makes you think ... even more!!
As always I enjoyed making this painting.  I'll probably go bigger with is one.
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Paintings

"Fall Colors" 24x30 oil on panel
"Hawaiian Paradise" 18x24 oil on panel
I finished 2 large paintings in this month.  However, "Fall Colors" was a bit of a struggle.  I worked on it for almost over 2 weeks.  Some paintings just paint themselves and some just hate the canvas.  This one just fought back.  It did get frustrating at some point but I just managed to pull through.  It may sound weird, but I am intimidated by trees.  I struggle a lot to make them look satisfying to my eyes.  Guess that was the biggest part of my struggle.  Well, I am glad I finished it and loved the end result. 

"Hawaiian Paradise" was inspired by my stay at Maui in Hawaii last year.  As usual I had pictures from the trip so that helped.  This beach was a private beach owned by the resort and the mountain in the back is some volcanic island, I forget which one.  There are too many islands to remember :) I was drawn to this painting because of the sharp shadow of the tree and the dramatic display of clouds.  Also the lighting was perfect...If I remember correctly it was around 9 am or so when we hit the beach.  Of course, not to forget.painting for me is a way to relive moments on the past.  So in my head I was in Hawaiii...yea that feels great!!... I love my job!...I get to dream as a part of my project, while at work..hehe..

Apart from painting I have been taking a workshop from nationally recognized artist Craig Srebnik on landscape painting.  I must say he is an excellent teacher, very generous when it comes to his knowledge/secrets.  The workshop will continue all through May...a little hectic for me, but I still enjoy working with other artists.  Its a fun process to learn from one another.  Here is a small study I did at the workshop.  
workshop study from reference photo 16x20 oil on panel

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Madness

I have been super busy this month framing/varnishing few paintings in addition to making more paintings.
 So apart from framing here are a few paintings I finished.

Lake Shore (study) 8x10 oil on panel
Foggy Morning 16x20 oil on panel

Foggy Morning was painted form a picture I took while I was in the car waiting at a signal. It was a dull day which is no surprise in Oregon but I loved the way the dense clouds were descending on the distant hills. So while we were at the signal, I quickly took a few photographs and that was it.  It's not any famous location.  But this is the beauty of painting, one can make any mondaine subject look gorgeous if composed well.

Lake Shore was a study I did to practice trees and reflection.  I will probably make a larger painting from this study.  Again making small paintings is a good way to practice your subject matters.  I know it sounds weird but I am kinda intimidated by trees.  Hence the practice :) I have planned a few more studies on trees for the next month.
Down the Hill 18x24 oil on panel

Down the Hill belongs to my Rainier series.  Once again I couldn't resist making a Rainer painting.  However I made a few changes to the original photograph.  The original photograph looked okay to me...the sky was plain and nothing much happening in the foreground.... but I still wanted to paint it.  So using my artistic license I introduced a few elements to add interest to this composition. 

Now back to my studio.  My show will hang on Monday, April 3rd.  All of you in Portland area are invited.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Busy Feb

Hey there, I have been a little busy the last few weeks :)...hell yes I have been painting!  Here are a bunch of paintings I managed to get done recently. 2 large paintings and 1 study.
As I always say I would like to meet you guys on Facebook and Twitter... Google+  and.. Pintrest:)

Winter Creek has evolved form a small 8x10 study ("Winter Spell') I did a few weeks ago

18x24 oil on panel "Winter Creek"
8x10 oil on panel "Riverside"(study)
18x24 oil on panel "Maples"

Monday, February 13, 2012

Early Jan

"Early Jan" 16x20 oil on panel
hey everyone, I finished this over the weekend.  It was my first attempt to paint birch trees.  They are truly a delight to paint though.  This painting is titled "Early Jan" cause that is when I found my reference photo.  This location is actually on NW Cornell rd, so not a fancy location. But I just loved the birches.. :)   As our car was waiting at the signal, I quickly pulled out my camera, took a few photographs, made some quick sketches..and that is how this painting was born.  I enjoyed making this painting and hope to paint more birch trees in the near future.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012


"Mid-Afternoon" 18x24 oil on panel
Hi all, I finished this painting last month.  I have not been able to give much time for blogging, so need to catch up a little bit.  Okay, ...this is again inspired by one of Mt. Rainier National Park pictures.  Last time I painted Mountain View,I thought I would call Mt Rainier series an end .  But gosh, the Rainier landscape is so so infectious that I just couldn't resist painting this one.  I think this is the last one in the Rainier series :)  This painting is titled "Mid-Afternoon" cause that is somewhat the time I took a picture of this landscape.  Being a "noon" photograph I juggled with the colors a lot.  This is not generally my preferred time to paint.  When the sun is overhead, the colors in the landscape appear very saturated or acidic.  By acidic I mean..the darks are too dark and lights are too bright.  Well, since I had never made a painting at "noon" thought of giving this one a shot.  It was an experiment..and yay it turned out great :) 

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oil Studies

Back Lit (8x10 study)
Here are a couple oil studies I did in the last few weeks. These studies help me understand color value and tonal aspects.  For me the purpose of a study is not to capture the detail, but to get the values right.  For a painting to look real/believable it is very important to get the values right along with the color.  Some of my studies eventually transform into larger works.

Reasons for making study paintings :
  • Sometimes  if I'm not confident about how to approach a painting, I do a small study of the same subject.  That way, when I approach a larger canvas/panel I have everything sorted out in my head.  Its a time saver!
  • At times, our reference pictures are not perfect.  They may need a lot of tweaking in terms of composition, color and temperature.  Its always better to do a small study.  Decide on the composition/color/values.  Its always easier to experiment on a smaller canvas.  Again a time saver!
  • When I have gloomy days in the studio or the painting I started is not working out well or I'm just not in a mood to paint....I resolve to make a small study.  And no matter what,  this exercise sure does put me back in the painting mood.  Cause no matter how small the painting is, its a very involving process and gets you thinking.
  • And last but not the least, its just fun to finish 2-3 paintings in a day as opposed to the larger ones that take days/weeks before you can actually sign them !!.
Winter spell (8x10 study)
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mountain View

24x30 oil on panel
My latest painting.. "Mountain View".  This one was inspired by scenic locations inside Mt. Rainier National Park.   If I'm not wrong,  its the Glacier Mountain Range.  That day, the lighting on these gorgeous mountains was just perfect. I made several reference sketches trying out different compositions on location.  I usually carry a small sketch book that fits in my purse wherever I go.  Its good to have something on hand to take notes if you stumble upon something intriguing.    So this painting developed from my on-location sketches and myriad photographs that I took that day.  Nailing this painting was a bit of a struggle as I was attempting mountains for the first time.  So I had to re-work on several areas of this painting as it evolved.  
Nevertheless,the end result was worth the struggle!..I am happy to have finished this painting in time for the New Year.

Happy New Year to everyone.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  Have a great 2012!!!

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