Sunday, February 26, 2012

Busy Feb

Hey there, I have been a little busy the last few weeks :)...hell yes I have been painting!  Here are a bunch of paintings I managed to get done recently. 2 large paintings and 1 study.
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Winter Creek has evolved form a small 8x10 study ("Winter Spell') I did a few weeks ago

18x24 oil on panel "Winter Creek"
8x10 oil on panel "Riverside"(study)
18x24 oil on panel "Maples"

Monday, February 13, 2012

Early Jan

"Early Jan" 16x20 oil on panel
hey everyone, I finished this over the weekend.  It was my first attempt to paint birch trees.  They are truly a delight to paint though.  This painting is titled "Early Jan" cause that is when I found my reference photo.  This location is actually on NW Cornell rd, so not a fancy location. But I just loved the birches.. :)   As our car was waiting at the signal, I quickly pulled out my camera, took a few photographs, made some quick sketches..and that is how this painting was born.  I enjoyed making this painting and hope to paint more birch trees in the near future.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012


"Mid-Afternoon" 18x24 oil on panel
Hi all, I finished this painting last month.  I have not been able to give much time for blogging, so need to catch up a little bit.  Okay, ...this is again inspired by one of Mt. Rainier National Park pictures.  Last time I painted Mountain View,I thought I would call Mt Rainier series an end .  But gosh, the Rainier landscape is so so infectious that I just couldn't resist painting this one.  I think this is the last one in the Rainier series :)  This painting is titled "Mid-Afternoon" cause that is somewhat the time I took a picture of this landscape.  Being a "noon" photograph I juggled with the colors a lot.  This is not generally my preferred time to paint.  When the sun is overhead, the colors in the landscape appear very saturated or acidic.  By acidic I mean..the darks are too dark and lights are too bright.  Well, since I had never made a painting at "noon" thought of giving this one a shot.  It was an experiment..and yay it turned out great :) 

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oil Studies

Back Lit (8x10 study)
Here are a couple oil studies I did in the last few weeks. These studies help me understand color value and tonal aspects.  For me the purpose of a study is not to capture the detail, but to get the values right.  For a painting to look real/believable it is very important to get the values right along with the color.  Some of my studies eventually transform into larger works.

Reasons for making study paintings :
  • Sometimes  if I'm not confident about how to approach a painting, I do a small study of the same subject.  That way, when I approach a larger canvas/panel I have everything sorted out in my head.  Its a time saver!
  • At times, our reference pictures are not perfect.  They may need a lot of tweaking in terms of composition, color and temperature.  Its always better to do a small study.  Decide on the composition/color/values.  Its always easier to experiment on a smaller canvas.  Again a time saver!
  • When I have gloomy days in the studio or the painting I started is not working out well or I'm just not in a mood to paint....I resolve to make a small study.  And no matter what,  this exercise sure does put me back in the painting mood.  Cause no matter how small the painting is, its a very involving process and gets you thinking.
  • And last but not the least, its just fun to finish 2-3 paintings in a day as opposed to the larger ones that take days/weeks before you can actually sign them !!.
Winter spell (8x10 study)
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