Sunday, February 26, 2012

Busy Feb

Hey there, I have been a little busy the last few weeks :)...hell yes I have been painting!  Here are a bunch of paintings I managed to get done recently. 2 large paintings and 1 study.
As I always say I would like to meet you guys on Facebook and Twitter... Google+  and.. Pintrest:)

Winter Creek has evolved form a small 8x10 study ("Winter Spell') I did a few weeks ago

18x24 oil on panel "Winter Creek"
8x10 oil on panel "Riverside"(study)
18x24 oil on panel "Maples"


  1. Hi Ria,

    I just found your blog! Your talent is amazing!
    Love all your paintings. I will definitely keep coming back!

  2. Hi Sujata,
    Im glad you feel like visiting back. And I love getting feedback from art lovers.

  3. First Timer here....Excellent works.
    Do you sell them...? I am in CO.
    Pl. reply to

  4. Hi Thommy, Glad you liked my paintings. They are all for sale.