Sunday, February 12, 2012


"Mid-Afternoon" 18x24 oil on panel
Hi all, I finished this painting last month.  I have not been able to give much time for blogging, so need to catch up a little bit.  Okay, ...this is again inspired by one of Mt. Rainier National Park pictures.  Last time I painted Mountain View,I thought I would call Mt Rainier series an end .  But gosh, the Rainier landscape is so so infectious that I just couldn't resist painting this one.  I think this is the last one in the Rainier series :)  This painting is titled "Mid-Afternoon" cause that is somewhat the time I took a picture of this landscape.  Being a "noon" photograph I juggled with the colors a lot.  This is not generally my preferred time to paint.  When the sun is overhead, the colors in the landscape appear very saturated or acidic.  By acidic I mean..the darks are too dark and lights are too bright.  Well, since I had never made a painting at "noon" thought of giving this one a shot.  It was an experiment..and yay it turned out great :) 

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