Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oil Studies

Back Lit (8x10 study)
Here are a couple oil studies I did in the last few weeks. These studies help me understand color value and tonal aspects.  For me the purpose of a study is not to capture the detail, but to get the values right.  For a painting to look real/believable it is very important to get the values right along with the color.  Some of my studies eventually transform into larger works.

Reasons for making study paintings :
  • Sometimes  if I'm not confident about how to approach a painting, I do a small study of the same subject.  That way, when I approach a larger canvas/panel I have everything sorted out in my head.  Its a time saver!
  • At times, our reference pictures are not perfect.  They may need a lot of tweaking in terms of composition, color and temperature.  Its always better to do a small study.  Decide on the composition/color/values.  Its always easier to experiment on a smaller canvas.  Again a time saver!
  • When I have gloomy days in the studio or the painting I started is not working out well or I'm just not in a mood to paint....I resolve to make a small study.  And no matter what,  this exercise sure does put me back in the painting mood.  Cause no matter how small the painting is, its a very involving process and gets you thinking.
  • And last but not the least, its just fun to finish 2-3 paintings in a day as opposed to the larger ones that take days/weeks before you can actually sign them !!.
Winter spell (8x10 study)
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  1. "Winter spell" is very beautiful! :)

  2. Lovely blog...just stumbled from FB.I love the description you give b4 you post your painting