Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Madness

I have been super busy this month framing/varnishing few paintings in addition to making more paintings.
 So apart from framing here are a few paintings I finished.

Lake Shore (study) 8x10 oil on panel
Foggy Morning 16x20 oil on panel

Foggy Morning was painted form a picture I took while I was in the car waiting at a signal. It was a dull day which is no surprise in Oregon but I loved the way the dense clouds were descending on the distant hills. So while we were at the signal, I quickly took a few photographs and that was it.  It's not any famous location.  But this is the beauty of painting, one can make any mondaine subject look gorgeous if composed well.

Lake Shore was a study I did to practice trees and reflection.  I will probably make a larger painting from this study.  Again making small paintings is a good way to practice your subject matters.  I know it sounds weird but I am kinda intimidated by trees.  Hence the practice :) I have planned a few more studies on trees for the next month.
Down the Hill 18x24 oil on panel

Down the Hill belongs to my Rainier series.  Once again I couldn't resist making a Rainer painting.  However I made a few changes to the original photograph.  The original photograph looked okay to me...the sky was plain and nothing much happening in the foreground.... but I still wanted to paint it.  So using my artistic license I introduced a few elements to add interest to this composition. 

Now back to my studio.  My show will hang on Monday, April 3rd.  All of you in Portland area are invited.

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