Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Paintings

"Fall Colors" 24x30 oil on panel
"Hawaiian Paradise" 18x24 oil on panel
I finished 2 large paintings in this month.  However, "Fall Colors" was a bit of a struggle.  I worked on it for almost over 2 weeks.  Some paintings just paint themselves and some just hate the canvas.  This one just fought back.  It did get frustrating at some point but I just managed to pull through.  It may sound weird, but I am intimidated by trees.  I struggle a lot to make them look satisfying to my eyes.  Guess that was the biggest part of my struggle.  Well, I am glad I finished it and loved the end result. 

"Hawaiian Paradise" was inspired by my stay at Maui in Hawaii last year.  As usual I had pictures from the trip so that helped.  This beach was a private beach owned by the resort and the mountain in the back is some volcanic island, I forget which one.  There are too many islands to remember :) I was drawn to this painting because of the sharp shadow of the tree and the dramatic display of clouds.  Also the lighting was perfect...If I remember correctly it was around 9 am or so when we hit the beach.  Of course, not to forget.painting for me is a way to relive moments on the past.  So in my head I was in Hawaiii...yea that feels great!!... I love my job!...I get to dream as a part of my project, while at work..hehe..

Apart from painting I have been taking a workshop from nationally recognized artist Craig Srebnik on landscape painting.  I must say he is an excellent teacher, very generous when it comes to his knowledge/secrets.  The workshop will continue all through May...a little hectic for me, but I still enjoy working with other artists.  Its a fun process to learn from one another.  Here is a small study I did at the workshop.  
workshop study from reference photo 16x20 oil on panel

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