Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Update

The month of May has been quiet busy. Specially with the workshop and my regular painting schedule.  Here are a couple more painting I managed to finish in this month.
Evening Sky 18x24 oil on panel
Evening Sky  I made this painting primarily for the love of the clouds.  The sky was so dramatic that evening, that I had to paint it.  Again, its not a famous location.  This was in fact the parking lot of a mall near our house.  I edited the original photo a little bit and added the foreground from my imagination. 

Water's Edge 20x16 oil on panel

Water's Edge  This painting was in fact a study to learn trees better.  I have said in the past that I'm intimidated by trees.  So this painting was only focusing on trees.  I struggle a bit initially, but then eventually nailed it.  So glad  got the trees right.  I will soon make a speed video of this painting.

As always I enjoyed making these paintings.
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