Wednesday, July 11, 2012

June update

Last month was extremely hectic for me from the Family stand point.  For one I had visitors and second; we were traveling a little bit.  We went to Crater Lake, ah what a beautiful place it is.  It was one hell of a journey for us, specially for my husband who drove us.  But in the end, the sight was so blissful.  We stayed at the Crater Lake Lodge for a couple nights.  I caught glimpses of the sunrise and sunset.  It was just heavenly.  Next we went to Seattle,WA.  This was a short journey.  Stayed there for a couple nights.  Ate good food, enjoyed nice street music.  It was a lovely sunny weekend, so enjoyed awesome views of Mt. Rainier.  Not to mention, shopped till we dropped!..So Seattle was quite eventful as well.  Of course we went to local places like Multnomah Falls, Cannon Beach &several visits to Portland etc.

With all this traveling going around in the month of June I somehow managed to churn out 2 paintings.
Sky-kissing Mountains 24x30 oil on panel
Light in the Woods 18x24 oil on panel
"Light in the Woods" was a second attempt.  The first time it turned into a gloomy fall day.  It looked nice but thats not what I intended to paint.  I took this photograph in Mt Rainier National Park early during the day.  The mild light passing through the trees and lighting up log cabin caught my attention and that is the feeling I wanted to capture in this painting.  Hence, althought the gloomy fall look was nice, it wasn't working well for me.  I wanted to relive that particular moment in time..and I did, in my 2nd attempt. Even now when I look at it, it takes me to Mt Rainier and I love it!.  This subject was a little different for me and also challenging.  Nevertheless, I'm glad I pulled through.

All in all, June was very eventful.  A little slow on the painting front though.  I am catching up now.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope you had a good read.  We can keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter... Google+  and.. Pintrest

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