Monday, August 27, 2012

Painting form Photographs

hey folks! I have been away from my blog for quite some time now.  Just couldn't find the time.  August has been a very productive month for me.  I have managed to get 3 paintings done... feels great!

 Way back Home 24x18 oil on panel. (left-photo, right painting)
Way back Home, This was literally my way back home from cannon beach, OR.  And whenever I look at this painting, it does take me to Cannon Beach.  Its such a bliss.  As its very clear, I did make some changes to the composition.  I increased the foreground to add depth to the painting.  Also added more light.  Increased the contrast to make it a sunnier day.  It was in fact a very sunny day (my sketch book notes say that) but I don't have a great camera and neither am I an awesome photographer.  So I majorly rely on my memory & sketch book notes for color.  Often, I edit the color that I see in nature. I was not happy with the greens in the photograph, so I decide to go a little warmer on the greens. I paint what I like to see as opposed to what is there.  Of course, being a "realistic" painter my aim is to keep colors very believable.  That's a part of the challenge.  Also, its very important to step back and let the painting stand all by itself away from the influence of the actual landscape.  Its been a process and I have evolved as an artist over the last 2 yrs.

Here are the other 2 paintings I got done in this month.  
Jewel of Oregon 24x30 oil on panel

Emerald fields 18x24 oil on panel

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Enjoy the rest of your summer and Happy Painting!