Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trying to introduce wildlife!!

Today, after a long time I decided to blog a little bit about my work.  I have been busy in the last few months with painting, having a couple shows and travelling.  I do have a few shows coming up until Feb 2013 so I am loaded with more work... yay!!...
I enjoy the fact of being loaded with more work, the process of preparing for art submissions, shows...It all gets me excited and a bit tensed.  :) .  Well, a tad bit of tension is good I keeps me on my toes.
I have been referring to the Olympic NP.  photos and almost every other picture has a herd of deer in it.  I saw them up close when we visited the park this summer.  They make the landscape even more picturesque.
I made several attempts to include deer in my landscapes but failed terribly....Everytime, I would sketch it in and then in the end make it disappear from the scene.  Somehow after painting, it would not look realistic enough in my landscape.

Firstly sketching the deer takes a lot of effort form my side.. I would practice sketching it on my sketch book and then try to in-corporate it on my hardwood panel...Its one of those times when you realize how important drawing is!!!  It was almost a wake up alarm!!
After all the effort of sketching and getting the deer anatomy right I would make an attempt to draw it on my canvas..this time with less use of eraser..
Somehow the deer would stay till the very end and would then they have to be cleaned off..I felt miserable every time I had to eliminate the deer from my scene.  I was not able to get the colors right..The furry coat is so difficult to paint..

So, unfortunately the deer never made it to the final painting.  I am hopeful I will find the courage to paint wildlife some day.  Its like I am wildlife challenged !!!...I know its a learning process and Ill get there some day.  Need to practice more drawing!!  Here's the finished painting.."Hint of Autumn"

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Happy Painting!