Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wandering in the Meadows--A successful attempt.

A couple weeks ago we planned a trip to the west coast of OR to see Roosevelt Elks.  It was truly blissful to watch them roam around freely. We got a pretty decent view of the elks. The purpose of this trip was to get more reference photographs, more inspiration and of course to see the majestic Elks up-close.  I plan to return to this location more often, next time I shall carry my easel for sure.
In my earlier post I mentioned how I was so desperate to introduce wildlife in my paintings.  Well, after several creative disasters I think I nailed one painting finally.  I can't tell you how satisfied i feel to have got this painting right.  This was a major creative block for me.  Every time I had to give up on a deer, I felt very frustrated. This time I attempted a bull elk,  simply because I had a ton of pictures from the recent trip.  I must say painting animals is like portraiture.  Its not just the color & values but also the anatomy of the animal that one has to worry about; and that is was made it tough for me.  Hopefully i'll ease into painting wildlife over time.
This time the process  was a little different from usual.  Generally I start with a basic sketch and then begin my painting. This time, just the sketch was not enough.  I had to practice drawing the elk before I drew/sketched it on my panel.  It took quite some time.  It is such times when I realize how important it is to stay in touch with drawing.  Once I sketched the elk on a paper I transferred it to the panel using a carbon paper. Thereafter the painting continued as usual.  It just felt like it took forever to actually begin the painting.
Transferring to the sketch to my panel

Ready to paint.
Wandering in the Meadows 18x24 oil on panel
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