Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mundane Beauty !

"Harvest Moon" 22x28 oil on canvas
As a painter I'm constantly looking for compositions to paint.  I always have my sketch book on me so that I can quickly put down my thoughts before they sweep by.  It's not always feasible to visit scenic areas to get reference materials for my paintings and so I'm always on the look out even if I'm just driving to a grocery store.   I have in the past made paintings from a parking lot of Fred-Meyer.  Of course the painting looks nowhere close to a parking lot...but that's from where the idea came.
Construction Site
There is a construction site close to my house.  It's always cluttered with huge bobcat tractors and several other huge equipment.  Not a place that one would call "beautiful". However, a few weeks ago I happened to walk past that area closer to sunset.  And this time the area transcended into a scenic location for me.  The entire area was drenched in the orange glow of the setting sun. The same old trees looked dramatic in the yellow-orange light and it felt like a new place to be in.  It looked like never before.  I spent a few minutes there just trying to absorb the colors and the landscape, something I would never do at a construction site.  The place was still messy with all the construction work but this time I was able to see beyond the clutter. And right there I had my composition !! I knew right then, that I was going to paint this. It's just amazing how light can change the look of a scene so drastically and make mundane things look so spectacular !!

The next morning I began working on this painting.  I introduced the moon to the right to add a little more visual interest to the scene.  And here you have it!

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Happy Painting!